A fundamental Analysis of Tiger Woods golf swing 2014 , here we are looking only at his Back Swing!

It Happens that Golf Pro’s loose the swing “feel” ! the raison is that something went wrong in the swing Mechanics and or angles .
Here is a readjusting of the club Path , you can see the differences between this two swings Before/After

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The Right Sided Swing is a simple way to swing the golf club . 1- the Posture , 2- the Direction of Turn , and 3- the Radius are the main fundamentals of the Right Sided Swing .
After teaching golf for almost 30 years i believe that the right Sided Swing is the simplest way to swing the golf club .
it is also very easy to learn when you have the correct informations and practice with the right drills!
in a series of articles i will be explaining this 3 subjects…
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